Vermont Centre is a Home for the Elderly.  Before 1995, there was no safe haven for the Coloured, Black or poor frail people between George and Port Elisabeth.  Vermont fills that niche and since their beginning in 1995 there has been no racial discrimination.  The only criteria for admission are that the applicant be elderly, frail and have a total income of less than R1,000 per month.

The Centre offers:
  • Accommodation in a safe environment
  • Total nursing care 24 hours per day
  • Medication prescribed by the doctor, is obtained from the pharmacy at Knysna Provincial Hospital and administered, as prescribed, by dedicated staff.
  • A Doctors's Surgery, several shops and a Postal Agency are situated next to the Vermont.
  • Vermont Centre has a Church Forum consisting of various church leaders in the community.  This Forum organises Church Services on Sundays according to the program. In this way Residents unable to attend regular Services at their own church are also accommodated.
  • A House Committee, on which residents also serve, organises entertainment and recreational activities.
  • Free transport is provided between the Institution and the Hospital and for "Holidays" etc.
  • Balanced meals and special diets e.g. for diabetics and those on a "soft" diet etc.
  • Laundry Service
What does it cost:
The Vermont Centre deducts 86% out of the Resident's total income for the above the rest i.e. 14% is his/her pocket money.  As many residents are below an income of R1,000 the Centre's shortfall has to be made up from donations.

Certain costs are not covered and must be recovered from the pocket money e.g. sweets, tobacco / cigarettes, Funeral Policy premiums, Ambulance costs and Church contributions.

The Vermont Centre urgently needs support and any assistance is gratefully appreciated.
Physical Address:
Gladstone Street
Knysna 6570

Postal Address:
PO Box 1514
Knysna 6570

+27 (0)44 385 0593
Fax: +27 (0) 44 385 1616
A young but frail resident receives loving care
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