Pledge Nature Reserve is a registered non-profit community project that rehabilitated 10 hectares of wasteland in central Knysna to a living museum of disappearing Garden Route forest, fynbos and wetland.

Visitors who explore the Reserve comment on the beauty and tranquillity of the natural surroundings.  Pledge also provides a venue for education and group activities, keeps in touch with outside specialists in conservation and offers services such as plant identification to members of the public.

The Reserve operates on a very small budget based on grants and donations related to development projects that acknowledge donors in perpetuity.

The 2006 project is based on Daleen Mathee's well known novel, Circles in a Forest, set in the Knysna forests. Pledge occupies the bottom leg of the Bok-se-Kloof mentioned in the book and the founder of the Reserve assisted Daleen with her research on local flora and fauna. Donors are invited to adopt a forest tree at the accessible
site.  The name of the tree as well as that of the donor appears on a plaque planted at the chosen tree.

The High Forest trees growing in the circle have been accorded values ranging from copper at R500 for newly planted trees to gold at R5 000 for mature, valuable trees such as mature Forest Elders.  In addition to providing an
accessible focal point for getting to know the indigenous forest tree species, boards will display information about the trees and their uses, the founders of Pledge, Daleen Mathee and the names of the donors.
The Curator
Cell: 083 453 5526
Over the stream and into the forest
Birders group
A welcome sight at Pledge during Birding Week. This group led by John Bircher not only spotted some of our regulars but a few on the 'seldom seen' list too.
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