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Plettenberg Bay
South Africa 6600
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Plett Animal Welfare Service (PAWS) is a Non-Profit Organisation registered with the Department of Social Welfare (020-732-NPO).
The society was started in 2002 to take care of animals in the Bitou Municipal area (Plettenberg Bay - South Africa), an area covering approximately 100 square kilometres.  Plettenberg Bay, for all its spectacular scenery, vibrant tourist industry and verdant Polo fields, is also home to a large community who live on or below the breadline. In the 11 townships surrounding the town centre, companion animals are allowed to breed uncontrollably and infectious diseases such as mange are rife.

The Municipality initially gave PAWS a grant in order to start the service up in 2002 but they have received no additional funding from them since they started operating.

Plett Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) Inspector, Robert Ruiters, is doing sterling work in the townships,  having instituted a dipping and deworming project in all the townships in the municipal area.  Each area is visited once a week and the numbers of animals he is treating is increasing every week.  He also responds to call-outs for animals in distress, liaises with the veterinarians, treats the animals for diseases he is registered to treat, runs a basic education programme and manages our spaying programme.   His mobile telephone number is 083 287 9917.

Plett Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) have started a massive sterilization project with vets from Cape Town coming to Plettenberg Bay for a weekend and giving their time to spaying / neutering dogs and the occasional cat on the Saturday. This is all done in a clinic set up in a community hall in one of the townships.  Each clinic is done in a different township. The only cost they have to cover is for transport and for the drugs used! To date they have sterilized/neutered approximately 150 dogs and 20 cats.

PAWS have also applied to Lotto for a large grant which would help cover the costs of spaying most of the animals in the area.  They just hope that Lotto allocate the money to them as it would make such a difference to the welfare of the animals in Plett.  As yet there has been no response from Lotto, except to say that they have received the application.

Plett Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) currently works without premises and operates 1 mobile service.  It barely scratches the surface of the true need. Without a workable, proactive and sustainable system of sterilization and vaccination and education, the starvation, neglect and increase in numbers of these animals will continue.

PAWS is managed by a committee elected at each Annual General Meeting and the finances are controlled by Gibson, Butlin & Williams Chartered Accountants.
The operating costs of the society run at approximately R16 000 per month. The money covering these costs is raised by the committee members and from donations made to them by the public without whom they could not exist.

Plett Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) appeal to the community to help in the form of a donation or by arranging for a monthly debit order and/or by becoming an annual member of the society.


The South African Veterinary Association has conceptualized the idea of Community Vet Clinics (CVC) which addresses the needs of the animals in the community  and meets the challenges of delivering primary veterinary health care to those unable to afford the services offered by private practices. 
A fund-raising account has been set up to raise funds to buy land and build a kennel facility for PAWS and a Community Veterinary Clinic (CVC) in Plettenberg Bay. This account is for the sole use of the project and does not involve funds used for the day-to-day running of PAWS or the C V C.  This fund project is audited by Barries Ferreira of Ad Cole & Associates and chaired by Mr Len Freeman (082 486 1515 or 044 534 8170).

Financial contributions towards the construction of the facilities are welcome.

The Community Vet Clinics (CVC) will commence operating in due course and account details will be available soon for donations towards sterilization clinics and inoculation programs.
"One can judge the state of a nation by the way it treats its animals".  Mahatma Ghandi
Dipping clinics in the townships
Spaying clinic in New Horizons May 2006
Puppy with mange being treated by PAWS
Dogs waiting in the sedation area before being spayed / neutered at the Spaying Clinic held in May 2006
Dogs waiting in the recovery area at Spaying clinic
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Plett Animal Welfare Service (PAWS,) is hosting a golf day on the 12th November 2006.  All  proceeds will go towards the Premises project. Entrance fee is R200 will include a goodie bag ;snacks!
12 November 2006