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Masithandane - Means 'let us love one another' in Xhosa.
It is a help organisation that wants to make a difference in the  community of Smutsville and Sizamele, which is part of Sedgefield, a seaside resort between George and Knysna. The main focus is on helping  people infected and affected by AIDS. It has been in existence for about two  years but due to a lack of funds it has not been able to be very effective. Since the second half of 2006 Masithandane employs a part-time home  based carer. This is being made possible with funds received from private donors in the UK. In the past week Masithandane has also officially become an NPO (registration nr 052-253), this allows it to undertake much needed fundraising. A board with a constitution governs Masithandane.
Masithandane envisages three main areas of activities:

3. Rendering of practical and financial assistance. This will consist of home -based care for helpless or destitute people dying of AIDS-related diseases.  Also: food security for the elderly or frail or people dying with AIDS;  providing equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, bedpans, crutches to those in need of these. A food parcel scheme has been in operation with the  support of a local church.
Physical Address:
Wellness Centre

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 71
6573 Sedgefield

Wilfred Jonckheere
34 Fraser St

+27 (0)44 343 1042

On 12 October 2006 the Masithandane Wellness Centre was formally opened and dedicated by representatives from Masithandane and the  Knysna Aids Council at Graceland right next door to Smutsville. It will also be open on Thursdays from 12h00 - 14h00 as a non-medical testing site.
Opening of the Masithandane Wellness Centre
Donated clothing for
Masitandane Wellness Centre
The children at Masithandane praying before a meal
Masithandane is delighted to have their own home based carers:
Martie Rooi
072 268 6433
Daleen Faku
084 678 0466
Ntebaleng (Lena) Mokhothotso 078 396 5365
1. Providing support, assistance and counselling.
This is done in the context  of a recently established wellness centre. With the help of the Knysna Aids Council pre- and post test counselling will be organised at least once a  week. This will increase hopefully to 3 times a week by the end of 2007. 

Nurses, home-carers administer DOTS, render primary health care, palliative care or medical support to chronic cases. Counsellors will also give emotional support. Care for orphans are also on the programme. A  school clinic staffed by retired nurses has already been in operation for the  last 2 years on Thursday mornings at the Sedgefield Primary School. A daily feeding scheme at this school has been in operation for some years now.

2. Giving of information, education and training. The main focus is on prevention and information about teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, TB  etc. This will be done through pamphlets, posters, video's and personal or  group counselling in schools, the community hall, churches, youth groups, etc.  Further educational or training projects will be on nutrition, sexuality, family  planning, foetal alcohol syndrome, domestic violence, child abuse, drug and alcohol abuse.
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