ISIS Legal Centre for Women and Children was set up by Anna-Marie Vos and Michelle Wasserman, who identified a need to empower the women and children in the area, who through a lack of education and money, are unable to enjoy the protection that many others enjoy.  As an example of the effect of the lack of empowerment, they have already identified the 'street children' of South Africa.

In their experience, women and children, particularly in the rural areas, are not aware of their rights and do not have access to legal representation.  As a result they find themselves at a serious disadvantage. In order to address this need, the ISIS Legal Centre for Women and Children's empowerment's strategy was set up.  With its base in Knysna, they will provide free representation to all women and children in civil matters.

The name was chosen as "Isis", an ancient Egyptian goddess who as the patron of women, mothers, children and the Ritual of Life was also revered as the great protector, prayed to for guidance and beseeched for peace in the world

ISIS will be run by women and will provide legal representation as well as information and education and is registered as a Non-Profit organisation.  A holistic service is offered to women and children who seek help, as this means not only addressing the presented legal problem, but also making sure that their emotional and and or needs are also addressed.

The ISIS Legal Centre will facilitate training and either conduct the training themselves or arrange for qualified trainers to perform the following training and education:
  • Training NGO employees and volunteers
  • Training service providers
  • Educating women and children
Volunteers are needed to help staff the organisation and donations essential to help run the organisation.  Please contact us with any questions and we will be delighted to reply.
Anna-Marie de Vos

+27 (0)82 417 9019
A woman plays with her child in her room in a shelter for abused women
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