Hospice Knysna helps all terminally ill patients and their families who are referred to it.  They do this regardless of colour, language, religion or age.   As a result of government funding, they also care for a number of chronically ill patients who are too ill to go to clinics.

At the last census, Knysna had a population of about 70,000, made up of approximately 52% coloured, 24% white and 24% black.  The patient base roughly mirrors this with about one third of the patients being in each race group.

Hospice Knysna's youngest patient is only
a year old and the oldest well beyond three
score and ten. Of their patients 40% have
Aids, and their treatment costs are totally
funded by organisations such as the
Government, Community Chest and the
National Lottery. Hospice patients live in
every suburb and township of our beautiful
town - from Sedgefield, Belvidere and
Karatara in the West to Nekkies &
Harkerville in the East.

Truly a "New South African" charity with the staff of 30 drawn from all sectors of our society. They serve all sectors.
Hospice in Knysna
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Postal Address:
PO Box 1348
Knysna 6570
Physical Address:
Bond House
24 Wilson Street
Knysna 6570

+ 27 (0)44 384 0593
Fax: + (0)27 44 384 0456

Hospice nurses visiting HIV/AIDS patients in the White Location


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