Horse Rescue and Education Facility
Royal Game Farm
End Welbedacht Lane
Knysna 6570

Debbie Marshall

+27 (0)82 377 1832

Fax +27 (0)44 382 7185
The Horse Rescue and Education Facility is based at the end of Welbedacht Lane, not five minutes drive from Knysna.   Most of their work takes place in the huge pine plantations found in the area, where using horses to pull logs is still a common practice. These horses are used in the harvest of the first and second thinning, where using heavy duty machinery is impossible, but where the logs are still small enough for people to be able to move them with relative ease.

The main focus as a Horse Rescue centre in this area is the education of the private individuals who own and work these animals.  So far they have gained much co-operation from these owners as well as the companies which own the land or have bought the timber.

The Facility offers a safe haven for those horses who, when not working, are susceptible to being stolen by children who are looking for a wild joy ride and who have no consideration towards the horses.  The
Horse Rescue centre also offer aid should any
horse become ill, and have been called upon on
more than one occasion to help with ill horses.

So far the greatest problem encountered is pure
ignorance, as the owners are eager for the
knowledge shared with them as it assists in
making their livelihood easier.  Stronger
healthier horses can and will work harder.
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