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The FUN LEARNING WORKS project (FLW) was launched to assist the many children attending schools, crèches and other institutions that do not have the same opportunities as the select few.  They have been marketing products to pre-schools most of which are privileged, meaning toys and educational equipment are a necessary part of learning thus there is a budget for this. This highlighted to Toymaker Richelle Kohn of who runs The Wooden-Toy Company, the imbalance in our society. Richelle feels it is essential that every child has the right to a fair start particularly in the beginning stages of their schooling.  Of course, when there are limits to those resources how is that made possible?  Their vision is to see the word 'opportunities' change into necessities, and that they attempt through means made available that all children benefit.  It is very important to have the necessary foundations that build up confidence to take children into young adulthood. 

TOYMAKER…Richelle says the toys were the types of things she would have wanted to play with when she was little. "Many of the toys are what our parents played with like go-carts and broom-stick horses. Others are more educational and are designed to assist in mathematical calculations and dimensional skills."  FLW use only top quality pinewood, which are sourced from a George-based timber producer.

FLW would like to be instrumental in putting the wheels in motion by forming a database of under-privileged, poor or previously disadvantaged pre-schools in the Garden Route area.

The Toy Company intend to access each school individually, looking at how many children attend the school and what the age groups are.

A toy box is made up and  with educational equipment and toys to cater for the needs of the children that attend those institutions.

There will be a variety of equipment given, from playtime toys, to those that work their fine motorskills - learning while having fun in new and exciting ways.

Once the Fun Learing Works project (FLW) is fully set-up and running, The Wooden-Toy Company can start with another one of their programmes.  Employment is one of the benefits of FLW and we plan to employ staff as the project gets bigger.  At the moment WTC is run by women only and when having to increase our staff base we would like to keep that continuity in the workshop and in the studio. Richelle also want to launch an outreach programme so that disadvantaged communities can have access to the toys that so far are largely benefiting the privileged few.


Richelle Kohn

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