Rainbow Kid's Crèche
For the last ten years Rainbow Kid's Crèche has focused on education as the biggest weapon in the battle against poverty, particularly in the first few important years of a child's life, and where better to start  teaching important life values than at creche. More...
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Chris Nissen Primary school have a staff establishment of 18 educators and 658 learners. The headmaster Michael Spies supports the staff and pupils under sometimes difficult conditions with great poverty in the area. More...
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The Karatara Eden Project
Helping Hands and Globe-Pals are linking schools in South Africa with schools overseas.
After our first School Link via Globe-Pals between the Chris Nissen Primary School, Knysna and the Chatelherault Primary School in Hamilton, Scotland.
Globe-Pals and Helping Hands are pleased to
announce the linking of Thembelitsha Primary in Concordia with the David Livingston Memorial Primary School in Blantyre, Scotland.

The children from both schools write letters about their country and what they do in the day, hobbies, family life etc. They also send photos and drawings. They keep in contact via email.

Money is also being raised by the Scottish school and from advertising on the Globe-Pals website for the Chris Nissen with a contribution to the Knysna Aids Council.

Do you have a school you want to link with one across the world?  Please contact us?
Chris Nissen Primary
Linked with Chatelherault Primary School in Hamilton, Scotland.
Percy Mdala High School
Bridgebuilders was set up to assist children who show extraordinary abilities achieve scholarships. More...
Karatara Eden Project has been established to create an African university town and Enterprise Development community in Karatara. The concept is to provide low cost, high quality, higher education to thousands of previously marginalised South Africans. More...
The Masizame Arts and Crafts Centre was started six years ago by Lyn and Barry Beaton, in an effort to provide the children of the area with a safe haven in which to express themselves creatively. More...
Percy Mdala High School was opened in 1990 and over years has produced many fine scholars and has a well respected reputation. At present we have Learners drawn from the Knysna and surrounding areas, and as far a field as the Transkei. More...
Schools Link
Schools Link
Masizame Children's Arts and Crafts Centre
Eco-Ed is based at the The 'Coach House' and has served as an environmental centre for the past five years. It is the perfect place to implement nature programmes for learners, of all ages. More...

Tembelitsha (often spelt Tembelitsha) was established in 1957, has been the only primary serving this black community and it is situated  in a poverty-stricken area. More...
Thembelitsha Primary
Linked with David Livingston Memorial Primary School in Blantyre, Scotland.
Kids of Kurland in Kurland Village is a community with severe social problems. Unemployment, alcoholism, family violence and AIDS. More...
Kids of Kurland
The FUN LEARNING WORKS project (FLW) was launched to assist the many children attending schools, crèches and other institutions that do not have the same opportunities as the select few. More...
Fun Learning Works Project

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Projects for all ages, including education to fight unemployment; family violence; alcoholism and AIDS. Plus a new African university town and the benefit to the community. With our association with Globe-Pals, we are enabling Schools to link around the world. The first schools in the scheme include the Chris Nissen Primary and Thembelitsha Primary with more to follow.