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Clouds End is a project in Smutsville with a difference.

Smutsville is not the best place to live!  It is certainly not the best place to spend a holiday, despite being situated in the picturesque Garden Route on the beautiful Indian Ocean.  It is a town though that has deeply touched Angelika & Olaf Freiwald (Angie and Woody).  So much so, they have made it their mission to help the people that live there to find a way to a successful and happy life despite a severe lack of money.

Their main aim is to to help the children of Smutsville who are growing up in utter poverty and under circumstances that for most Europeans are impossible to imagine or comprehend. Alcohol and drug dependent parents, an unhygienic environment, ignorance, Aids and the brutality of rape. On one occasion, two 4 year old girls were brutally raped because of a persistent belief that having sex with a virgin will cure Aids!

It is very difficult to teach the adults self belief and the setting of goals towards a better future but it is of crucial importance to give the children a chance in life as they are Africa's future.

Like everywhere in Africa many of the children of Smutsville are suffering. Be it the inadequate lifestyle of their parents who have never learnt that they are human beings like everybody else, despite race or colour or because these children are orphans without examples or perspective.

Angie's and Woody's intention is to help the real needy children. Their projects include: supplying food for the Day Care Centre; cooking; setting up crèches with all the necessities, like furniture, educational toys and books - everything a crèche needs.

The first crèche is called I Kaya Lothando.  It was opened on the 4 April 2007. Lydia Makombe gave the crèche its name. Lydia Makombe has worked with Angie and Woody since the beginning of 2004. Lydia is a trained nurse and is mother of 10 grownup children. She has given her time and resources to care for Aids orphans and people who are suffering from HIV Aids and tuberculoses. At first she took in Aids orphans to care for them. Then she hired a building, a type of beer hall, to prepare and to give children at least one hot meal a day. When they first met Lydia she was feeding about 75 children every day. This number has increased.  Angie explains how they raise money.  "Every year, my husband and I, raise money in Germany for Smutsville. We then travel to Africa to help directly where it is needed. We work on the addage, 'Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for life'.  We do not give donations away, we only buy what is needed. Be it to buy a second hand stove or fridge for the soup-kitchen, or to repair things."  Money can't buy love though, so they try to be there as much as possible for the children and the elderly who crave attention and warmth and of course love. They try to spend as much time at Clouds End, drawing and playing with the children, as well as cooking for the old and the sick. Simply put, to do things for the people who had never been given a chance in life.

Angie and Woody do have help from an English retired nurse, Zoe, who lives in Sedgefield with her daughter. She keeps them informed whilst they are in Germany. As always they are looking for more sponsors to help make a difference in Smutsville. Woody says "We really want to make a huge difference and to achieve this we urgently need donations and sponsorship. The money goes directly to where it is most needed.

The crèche has now 40 children, two teachers, 3 ladies responsible for the preparation of the food which includes the feeding of the school kids in the mornings. Children should never go without food and love. Children are the future for a better world. Their next project is to buy buy a house or a piece of land and build a house, as there are now more children to cater for, to educate them about health, hygiene, give them basic education before they go to school.  For the older children, Angie and Woody intend to open a workshop for woodwork to enhance their skills and help educate to create jobs. You can see the progress that is being made at Clouds End by visiting their website
Angelika & Olaf Freiwald (Angie and Woody)

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Clouds End
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