Knysna Animal Welfare is a privately funded non-profit association here solely for the benefit of animals, mostly in the underprivileged areas.

Animal Welfare speak and act for those who have no voice, most who have to scavenge to stay alive, who live in an environment where it is survival of the fittest if you're lucky.

They have several clinics running on a daily
basis where we dip, deworm, hand out pet
food and see to the welfare of the animals
in the informal settlements ranging from
Harkerville through to Sedgefield.

Animal Welfare operate a sponsor sterilisation
program on a weekly basis for animals
from the informal settlements using local vets,
who sterilise the animals at a reduced rate.

They respond to calls of distress from members of the public concerned about the welfare of all animals.  Their kennels and cattery are a shelter for all the unwanted, abandoned and abused animals that they either fetch, or that are brought to them.  There is no maximum holding period.  Some pets have to be kenneled for up to six months before being adopted.

Weekly notices are placed in local papers in an attempt to find suitable homes for stray animals waiting for adoption.  All mature females and males are sterilised by the local Vet before going to their new homes.

For as many as they can do, they rehabilitate, restore to health, then re-home to caring, loving folk.

Animal Welfare are entirely dependant on public support and would be unable to continue without help.  Their entire funding comes through fundraising events, donations from the public, bequests from people who have known the love and devotion of their own pets.  Others give of their own time by becoming volunteers assisting in helping at the kennels or the charity shop.
Physical Address:
Marlin Street
Knysna 6570

Postal Address:
PO Box 288
Knysna 6570

+27 (0)44 384 1603
One of the daily clinics
Safely homing the animals is a priority
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