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Jeremy Dredge, is a qualified IT teacher and a member of the Learning & Performance Institute in the United Kingdom

He previously ran an IT Training business in the UK and over the years has been fortunate to have taught many 'students' across a wide spectrum of celebrated and diverse occupations, including: British Telecom Training Department; Roberta Johnson, Personal Assistant to The Jordanian Royal Family; The Harry Edwards Spiritual Healing Trust; and the actor and comedian Michael Bentine CBE (The Goons).

Jeremy was a voluntary member of the Knysna Aids Council, responsible for training and the website development of the council. He was a voluntary lecturer in IT at the Karatara Eden Project campus, setup to establish an African university town and Enterprise Development community in Karatara.

He now owns and runs with his wife Mary, a business in the UK Good Life Innovations Ltd., specialising in the sale of innovative products in the leisure and home market using colour changing materials. In particular, Thermochromic Liquid Crystal (TLC), and Chromazone colour change thermometry, Photochromic and Hydrochromic technologies. They have online stores in the UK; Australia and South Africa 

Jeremy 53, and Mary share their time between the UK and Brenton-on-Sea, a small seaside village, 17 kms. outside Knysna in South Africa.

Jeremy feels that living here in such a marvellous community has been a great privilege. So his chance to pay back by helping the people in the region has been a priority. His website project Helping Hands, is a charity resource to increase awareness and promote those who work hard, largely unseen, in caring for the the community.
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